Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Pinata Tutorial

Whos' gearing up for Cinco De Mayo!?!
We were just going to eat taco's for dinner this year but our small plans have quickly turned into a Fiesta!
We are going to have a few families over and eat taco's, homemade salsa, and drink Virgin Pina Coladas and Daiquiris!
There will be pools set up for the kids and a sprinkler on our trampoline for the entertainment.
And no Mexican Fiesta would be complete without a PINATA!!

I originally was going to buy a pre-made pinata, but the $20 price tag deterred me.  $20 for just the pinata and NOTHING in it!!! Not going to happen.
I used to be bomb at making pinatas in high school, my high school Spanish teacher still has the heart shaped American flag and Uruguayan flag in his class room 10 years later. (My neighbor works in that school, so he confirmed it for me).  But those fancy pinatas that take days to make were also not going to happen.

So here is our quick Cinco De Mayo pinata for WAY under $20 and it only took me about an hour to make and that was with my 3 small children's "help"....

First you need to round up supplies:

A cardboard box (any size but big enough for prizes to go inside)
packing tape
Elmer's glue
colored tissue paper
wire(not pictured)

Tape up the bottom of the box really well.  You don't want your candy to drop out of the bottom on the first hit!

Squeeze the Elmer's glue all over the bottom of the box and spread it around, I used a paint brush.  You don't need to much, just enough to have a thin layer to stick the tissue paper to.  And then lay on a piece of the paper folded in half, or if you have a bigger box, do at least 2 layers. The edges hanging down don't really matter because they are going to be covered up anyway.

Next, get a piece of tissue paper and cut it in half long ways.

Then fold one of the two pieces in half long ways again.

On the non-folded edge, start cutting away so you have frayed the whole length.
(as time went on in this project I would stack 4 folded pieces on top of each other while I did the fray cuts to save on time)

Put a layer of glue right next to the bottom of the box (remember that in this picture the bottom is facing up!!)

With the Fray pointing up stick the non frayed part to the glue, then continue it around the box...

As you glue each layer on, put the glue on the card board box, for each additional layer.
When you get a few layers in, flip the box over so it looks like this...

Here is how to move up each time.
Glue right above the tissue paper, put your new color on, then the next round glue on the box again so it will moved it up a tiny bit each time.

When you get close to the top of the box you will make 2 holes.
They will be opposite of each other so you will be able to hang the pinata.
As you glue on your tissue paper over the holes, just push them in so the whole is still visible, except for the layer right above it that will hang over and cosmetically cover it.

When you are at the very top of the box, it is now time to wire.  I cut a few feet of thin wire and put it through the hole and strung it through the other side.

Then on top you will twist it to make a loop to hang it from.

After you wire the box, fold down the top flaps and tape everything securely.  Make sure to put a hole in the top so you can still add all your goodies!!

Glue all over...

And do a few layers of paper to cover the top

Cut a fringe on everything that is hanging off.

Push in the whole. Add candy and goodies when you are ready( We are putting in unfilled water balloons, small bubbles, and all of our leftover Easter candy!)

And there you have it!!

Easy as pie pinata!  

For the party we will tie it to a rope so we can make things a little more difficult for the older children.

Hope you have a festive Cinco De Mayo!

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