Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Las Vegas Roll Sushi

I am completely obsessed with sushi, especially Las Vegas Rolls. For those of you who don't know what a Las Vegas Roll is, in my opinion it is the best of all sushi's! It has cream cheese on the inside and is deep fried!!! um HELLO, YUMM! Well anyway I hardly ever get it because we hardly ever go out to eat. So I searched and searched for a recipe and I could not find one ANYWHERE!! I found a few good sushi making websites, my favorite is  (I found him on you tube) and he even shows you the basics of how to make sushi, but there was no Las Vegas roll recipe. :( So I figured out the basics of what is in it and on it and here it is!!!!

Ingredients:   1 avocado sliced lengthwise
                        imitation crab sticks
                        cream cheese cut lengthwise
                        Botan rice(sticky rice)
                        NORI- (Roasted Seaweed sheets)
                        Tempura-  1 egg
                                           1 c. water
                                           1 1/4 c. flour
                                           whisk together until a pancake consistency
                        Spicy Mayo- 1 c. mayo
                                               2 tsp. Sriracha hot chili sauce (more or less depending on how hot 
                                                               you want it)
                                              1/8 tsp. garlic powder (more or less)
                                               mix until it tastes right to you!
                          Eel sauce
                          Sushi mat
                          Vegetable oil (enough for a deep fryer or pot to cover up the roll)

*I found most of the items just at my local Wal Mart but there were a few things that weren't in the Asian isle.  I could not find an Asian market in southern Utah but someone told me that Harmons and Albertsons have a few more specialty items.  We tried Harmons because I know that you can buy sushi there freshly made and sure enough  we were able to get the sushi mat, the nori, and eel sauce!  Yay!(PS the eel sauce is in little containers up by the made sushi!)*

First I prepared all of my ingredients, because when you deep fry there is not a lot of room for error.  I did the rice first because it takes 20 minutes to cook and 10 minutes to sit, just follow the instructions on the bag.  I sliced my avocados.......

Cut up my cream cheese into strips and then i cut the crab sticks in half lengthwise. This is a good time to start heating up the deep fryer (or pot of oil if you don't have a deep fryer-mine only has one setting so you may have to play with the temperatures).  Then get your tempura batter ready and make your spicy mayo.

To make the roll I started out by putting the sushi mat in a gallon sized bag to keep it from getting nasty and so I can reuse it.  You get a sheet of the Nori (seaweed) and tear it in half.  This roll is a little different then most, in the sense that you do a small fat roll instead of a long skinny roll.  Anyway you place the nori on the mat and on top of the nori goes enough sticky rice to cover it except for about an inch on the end farthest from you.  In the middle of the rice goes the 1 stick of the cream cheese, 1 stick crab, and about 2 slices of the avocado.  Start and the end closest to you and roll the mat over the ingredients while tucking it tightly.  I unroll the mat enough so it doesn't get rolled into the sushi but so you can still use it to help roll the rest of the way pressing firmly so it sticks together.

Then you dunk it in the tempura covering it as much as you can because some will drip off and then promptly place in the deep fryer.  It only needs to stay in the for a minute or two until the tempura is cooked.  It does not get a golden color so don't over do it.  Then take it out and put it on a paper towel lined plate to let it cool a minute and dry off some of the oil.  When you're ready to eat... (I made two rolls then we ate and then two more - sort of made to order so they would always be warm) cut into slices.  Each roll makes about 6 pieces.  Dollop each slice with the spicy mayo, as much as you want. And drizzle the eel sauce on top of everything.  And Wala!  Home made Las Vegas roll!

PS  The eel sauce is very important!  It seriously doesn't taste like a Las Vegas Roll with out it!

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