About Us

I'm Tabitha, the youngest of the 10 in our family!  I am a proud military wife and a stay at home mommy to my 4 year old twin boys and my 2 year old baby girl. I love to cook and craft and I have about a million projects I am in the middle of.   I am always cleaning and organizing and thinking up new projects. Everyday brings something new and that's what I hope to keep posting on our blog!

I'm Donna, the middle child :).  My day job is being an office manager for several small businesses.  My passion is being a mom to a 5 year old boy, and two of the most amazing girls, ages 12 and 17.  When I'm not at my regular job I am busy being mom, chaufer, accountant, chef, writter, organizer, and crafter.  My favorite title is Mom. 
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