Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Samoan Chicken

My mom and I talked one day, a few months ago, about our usual subjects and recipes came up.  I gave her my hummus recipe and I told her how sick I was of cooking the same things, or new recipes that just weren't very good.  She started naming old tried and true recipes to see if I'd cooked them in a while.  Nothing sounded good... then she said Samoan Chicken.  I had no idea what she was even talking about because this is not a recipe I grew up with.  She got it only a few years ago from my sister Katie's friend, Amy's- Husband, who is in fact Samoan...  So you know this has to be good!  So I made it, and loved it!   And the next day we warmed it up and threw it on our salads and loved it even more!!!  My husband regularly asks me to marinade it so he can cook it on the grill.  This chicken is so good the next day, it's almost worth it to cook it, and wait 24 hours just to reheat and eat again.  So when you make this make extra  so you can have a round 2 recipe for a few days later in the week!

Samoan Chicken

1 small bottle of soy sauce
1/2 bag of brown sugar
1 1/2 piece of ginger peeled and chopped fine
             (or get it in a squeeze tube like me and use 1 1/2 T.)
2 cloves garlic chopped fine (or 1 tsp minced from jar)
3-4 lbs chicken thighs (or we do breasts a lot)

Mix together the soy sauce and brown sugar until mostly dissolved.  Then add ginger and garlic, and mix.  At this point you can either 
1-add the chicken and the marinade into freezer bags and pop them right into the freezer (thaw in the fridge 24 hours before grilling)..... 
2- or you can leave the marinade in your fridge over night like my mom does to let the flavors marinade add the chicken and let marinade the next day for 2 hours.
3- be like me and instead of the thighs which although is really good, I add breasts instead because that's what I usually have on hand and let the chicken thaw in the marinade most of the day.

Then when it's all ready,  throw it on the grill add marinade on top a few time to add more criminalization while grilling.  Grill until no longer pink in the middle.

This chicken is so versatile there is a few ways we eat it---

1- with the thighs we serve it with potatoes and gravy and a veggie
2-with breasts we serve it with rice-a-roni and a fruit salad
3- you could do kabobs and put it on sticks with veggies before grilling
4- the next day for lunch we usually warm up the chicken and serve it over a cold, crisp salad with ranch dressing (as seen in picture)
5- on big rolls as a sandwich

This is seriously the best chicken marinade and so good with so many things... play around with different sides and leave us a comment with what you come up with!  

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