Monday, February 24, 2014

Tada's Simple Tip- Yogurt and a straw

[This post is sponsored by every mother, everywhere, who is SICK of cleaning up yet another mess from their children ;)]  
OK not really.. but it should be!

This is a trick I learned from my next door neighbor,  who actually learned it from my niece(you know.. the one who designed our beautiful blog)

Any way.. sick of cleaning up, yet another spilled yogurt.
Frustrated because the kids love them so much but you don't wanting any more messes on top of all the others.
This will do the trick!!!

(In pictures)

 (baby just 1 year old, can drink the yogurt without the mess!  Wohoo!  score 1 for the mom team!)

(3 year old's who can drink with out messes but one still likes the straw..)

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