Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby leggings for under $5

I was just a few days away from getting Annalee's 1 year old pictures taken and I thought I had everything ready.  But then I remembered that I had NOTHING for her to wear during her cake smash pictures!  So.. I know it's not the end of the world.. but I needed something!  I looked for cute ideas on pinterest and there were a ton of cute babies in leggings and a big bow on their heads.  Only problem, there isn't a lot of places near by that sell baby legging (well for less than $15 a pair!) and ordering online wouldn't have gotten them here in time.  All the leggings she already had were not the colors or style I was looking for so I did the next best thing....  I figured it out myself.  
I do that a lot,  I have since I was little...  If I didn't like how something fit I would cut it up and make it better.  If I wanted a certain style of clothing that I knew we couldn't afford I would find something similar and change it to work,  and so it goes with my daughters style... If I can't find it for a decent price I will figure out how to make it myself.

Later that day at Target I was walking down the sock isle and they have tons of women's knee length socks for $2.50.  Perfect length for baby leggings!  
After the socks all you need is thread for sewing and some elastic for the end.

First, cut off the feet part.. just above the heel and straight across.

Then, take your elastic ( I had 3/4 in on hand but next time I will use 1/2 in) and cut it to fit the full circle of the sock...  basically the socks width x2. (see picture below)

Fold it over itself into a circle.  I did a little more than a half inch overlap.  I just eyeballed it.

Then sew it~

It will look something like this...

Then I turned my sock inside out and slipped the elastic over it and down into place.

Fold over, just enough fabric to cover the elastic and give you a little space to sew.

Then get to sewing,  if you have elastic thread that would be ideal so that the stitching will stretch too but if not then as you sew,  stretch the fabric as much as you can so it has more give and the elastic can actually do it's job  when you put it on baby:) (I hope that makes sense) 

All that's left is to flip it right side out and repeat on the other sock.

And ... Wahla!!!  Adorable baby legging for less then $5 and a big handmade bow to match!

Happy 1st Birthday my little Annalee!!

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