Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Felt Valentine's Day Banner

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?  Or is your house still missing a little something? This felt banner might just be that perfect finishing touch.
Start with several pieces of felt.  *I used the flimsy kind of felt since my sewing machine has a hard time with stiffer fabrics.
 Next:  on a sheet of white paper draw your shapes.  I used a cookie cutter I had for the heart then drew my X and O to be about the same size. 
 Once you have the shapes you want, cut them out.
 Using a sharpie trace your shapes onto the felt.  Then carefully cut them out, making sure to cut just inside of the line you drew so you don't have black sharpie marks all over your banner.  I used 2 sheets of felt for each shape.
 After you have all your felt cut out, you should have piles like this.
 Now the easy part.  Using a basic straight stitch, start with one shape and sew along the top.  Right before you get to the end lay the next shape down, do this for each shape until they are all sewn together.  Tada!! All done.  *I used 6 sheets of felt, which made a really long banner, but my sister just cut it in half and hung it up in a couple of spots around my her house (I made this banner for her since I already have one myself).  It looks great!

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