Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine mailboxes and the 14 days of Valentines!

I was wanting to decorate the buffet in my kitchen for Valentines because I have really slacked in the Valentine decor the last couple of years.  I also wanted to do a craft with my kids that would be Valentines theme.  I walked in to Target one day to get something completely different but looked over at the $1 bins and WA-la!  I killed two birds with one stone, as they say, because I had the best idea for a craft and a decoration  and it was super cheap and easy, can't beat that ;)

(mailboxes- $1 each at Target, stickers and washi tape- also $1 each at Target.)
After I got supplies at Target I went next door to our Michael's Craft store and picked up a couple wooden candle sticks and because Kleyton wanted it, a wooden block. They were each a few dollars.

        Then we got to painting, each child chose a different color and a paint brush and went to work...

Well except the baby... she just watched... and drooled.

     When my boys were done painting  we pulled out the stickers and tape and this time the baby did help...

We waited for everything to dry...

           And when it was all dry I just hot glued the bases to the mailboxes!  They were all pretty excited!

          Now I have a cute decoration and the kids love to tell everyone how they made the mailboxes.

And just because it's fun we started the 14 days of Valentines!  The mail boxes open up so since the 1st we have put in some stickers or a love note or a piece of candy from Mom and Dad.  The kids really like it!  The little prizes don't have to be big at all, it's actually been stuff I already had on hand. It's nice to show our little ones how much we care about them!  And I know it's a little late to start the 14 days now but you can always do the week before Valentines!!  (PS check out this cute tutorial for the xoxo garland in the picture!)

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