Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkeys-- wooden block craft

My cute neighbor/BFF had such a great project in mind for Thanksgiving this year!  And she so graciously let me borrow it for the blog, and she even gave me the stuff for it... and painted it!  Thanks Danielle for making this craft super easy! ;)

You will first need a block of wood,  I made big ones out of 2x6x6 and small ones out of 2x4x4.  And spray paint them brown.

Other supplies you will need are:  googly eyes
                                                      2in fabric circles (about 22 for big blocks and 16 for little)
                                                      yellow and red pipe cleaners
                                                       hot glue
                                                       and scissors

start by tipping your turkey face down, put a dab of hot glue close to the top...

Take one of the circles of fabric and pinch one end together...

Then place the pinched end on the hot glue...

Keep repeating the process until you have used half of your circles and have one layer down...

Then use the rest of the fabric and do a second layer...

When you are done it will look like this.

Next you will hot glue on the eyes.  Cut and shape the pipe cleaners and glue them on as well.

All finished!  And I have one for each member of my family,.  --- For the girls I twisted 2 circles of fabric together and hot glued on the turkeys forehead for a bow!

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