Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIY Throw Pillows

Have you been on Pinterest lately?  Instagram?  Have you seen all the lovely throw pillows this season.  I am so in love with all the cute throw pillows I've been seeing around lately.  But $40 for a pillow seems crazy.  I decided I could make my own similar pillows for a lot less money.  These pillows were easy to put together and they turned out so cute.  

Items needed:

Fabric (each pillow is 18x18 inches square and you will need 2 pieces for each pillow)
Scissors or cutting board and rotary cutter
Craft Knife (or in my case just the blade since thats all I could find in the tool box)
Freezer Paper
Soft Fabric Paint
Stuffing (I used polyester fiberfill, you can get this at almost any craft or fabric store, Joanns, Walmart, and Michaels all have it in my area)
Sewing Machine

Step 1:  Measure and cut your fabric into an 18x18 inch square.  You need 2 pieces to make each pillow.  I just folded my fabric in half and cut it out that way, so I would have 2 identical pieces.

Step 2:  Trace pattern on to freezer paper.  I drew my patterns free hand.  I made them so you can download them if you want to use them, or you can create your own.

Hello & Arrow Pattern

Star & Heart Pattern

Step 3:  Carefully cut out the shape, use a cutting board or something underneath so you don't ruin your counter tops.

Step 4:  Once your shapes are all cut out.  Lay your freezer paper, shiny side down on right side of fabric.  Turn your iron on a high heat setting and then iron the freezer paper onto your fabric.  Make sure it is ironed on really well, especially around the cut out areas.  This is to prevent the paint from seeping under the edges.

Step 5:  Now you will take your fabric paint and a paint brush or sponge and paint the fabric area that is exposed where you cut out the shape.   Let this dry overnight or until your paint is completely dry.

Step 6:  Once your paint is dry then you can peel the freezer paper off. 

Step 7:  Now we put the pillow together.  Place right sides of fabric together.  Making sure that the painted side of the pillow is facing in.  Then start on one edge of the pillow, allowing 1/2 inch for seam and sew around the pillow (you can pin your pillow together if you want, but I have a bad habit of just going for it.  I rarely use pins).  When you get to the 4th side, only sew about 2/3 of the way across so you leave an opening large enough to put your stuffing in. 

Step 8:  Once your sides are sewn, take the pillow and turn it right side out.  Then iron your edges so you have nice clean lines.  Then stuff the pillow as full as you can, making sure to push the stuffing into the corners.  Once its the way you like it, you can either machine or hand sew the hole closed.  Tada!!!  You have your very cute, super simple throw pillows.

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  1. Oh my! This looks incredible! Pinned and tweeted. We always love partying with you, I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm at our party. Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls