Saturday, April 5, 2014

How To: Patch pants (without looking so much like a patch!)

I have twin boys that are 3 1/2, who thankfully get hand-me-downs from cousins and neighbors and then when they grow out of them, we hand them to someone else...It's a perfect circle of life I feel:) 
Unfortunately, sometimes the pants (mainly jeans) after a few kids start to get a little ragged.  I have always had a hard time just throwing things away and buying new, especially if they are about to grow into the next size!  So we have learned to make due.  I also have a husband that no matter how many new pairs of jeans I buy the man, he tends to wear his same, comfy, worn jeans, over and over and over again... So I patch over and over and over AND it has definitely extended the life of all the pants around this house... especially mine and my dang bubble butt (Back pocket holes :( )  and my thighs that tend to rub.... (most you you ladies know what I'm talking about!!  and for those who don't,  You are lucky, lucky women!!)  

Anyway with all these holes in all these jeans I get a big pile of 'fix me' items that stack up in my sewing closet.  But lucky for you and my limited time to get things done, I have perfected patching these types of things without having an annoying patch on the outside. 

Start out with your hole-y pants...

Turn them inside out and lay them as flat as possible .

Wal-Mart and craft/sewing stores sell these awesome iron on patches.  I got a big package with a ton of different colors and styles.  If it's not the perfect color, that's okay because you don't really see whats underneath so much anyway.

Put the patch into place, making sure to cover the entire hole.. Then iron into place as good as you possibly can.

Then, you turn the pants right side out and sew as close to the hole as you possibly can... 

Smaller pants are a little bit harder than adult size but it is doable!  You just have to move the pants around and be patient!

When you are done sewing the inside of the pants will look something like this.
The iron on patch is not a forever thing and will usually wash away the adhesive within a few washes.  Really its only there to keep a clean line and make it easier for the sewing process so I will try to life up edges and trim close to where I've sewn.

All trimmed up.  It does not have to be perfect, this is the inside so it's not to important how well you do it.,

When you are done it will look similar to this...
In this picture I didn't sew as close to the hole as I normally do so that you can see the sewing.  But normally I get as close as possible without being in the hole, that way when you are done it looks like it is meant to be there like all those, pre-holed looking pants.....

This has definitley extended the life our our jeans, especially when we're about to go from winter to spring and I dont want to fork out the money for jeans they are only going to wear a couple times!  Happy Sewing!!

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