Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Quesadilla

When I grocery shop, it is usually a 2 week list.  It's a big chunk of change for our family of 5 so I need to make it all stretch and last as long as possible.  When my 2 weeks worth of Dinners are made and gone I try and dig through my pantry and freezer and try to make as many meals as I possibly can before it is absolutely necessary to go back and do a big shopping trip yet again.  (This may sound vaguely familiar to some of you)..... Well this recipe is one that I threw together on one such night and it was delicious.

Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Quesadilla

8-10 tortillas
cooked, shredded chicken (about 4 chicken breasts)
taco seasoning packet
6 pieces bacon
shredded cheese (I used some mozzarella and cheddar I had on hand)
2 avocados, cut into 1/2 inch cubes

Fry the bacon, cut into smallish pieces and set aside.  While cooking your bacon you can also be cooking and shredding your chicken breast. Put the chicken into a pan and follow the instructions on the taco seasoning package.  set aside.
To make the Quesadillas-  Place one tortilla on a tortilla pan, (or any pan would do) on Med heat.  Layer some cheese, shredded chicken, bacon, avocado, a little more cheese and another tortilla on top.  When the cheese starts to melt and the tortilla starts to get a little crispy flip over. (you may need to use 2 spatulas)  and let the other side get crispy. Cut into 6-8 pizza type slices, and repeat with the remaining ingredients until you have 4-5 big quesadillas...then enjoy!
The best thing about this recipe is that you can add as much or as little of something as you would like.  If a kid doesn't like bacon, don't put it in theirs...but if you love bacon, load up!  My family liked dipping these into ranch and hot sauce.

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