Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tada's Goal: Week 32

Tada's Goal: The rules
1. Each week buy the items listed and store them.
2. Use a permanent marker to write the date purchased to aid in stock rotation.
3. Buy the largest quantity you can afford and store, don't go overboard and stay within your budget.
4. If you miss a week, skip it and go on. Don't get behind.
5. Replace items as you use them
6. Share good deals with your friends and family. Everyone loves discounts
7. Store properly

Tada's Goal: Week 32 -- Canned or frozen veggies.

(I try to use as many fresh veggies as possible but there are always those veggies you don't use all of.  Celery is the one I always end up wasting.  I don't like it raw but I love it in soups and casserols. But at my store I can only buy big bundles of it, so instead of wasting it I cut it up in to pieces I can easily add to soup, and freeze it) --I use this method for a lot of different kinds of veggies/fruit that might be about to go bad,  I hate wasting food so this is a great way to save it.

(bad picture I know,.. but the best I could get with a baby in my arms who now grabs at everything  :/ )
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