Saturday, August 17, 2013

15 minute Fish Fry DInner

With summer winding down and school coming back into session you think that you will have more time to cook dinner right?  EHH!!  Wrong!  With car pool and homework and dance/tumbling/soccer/karate/football/etc... after school is now crazy town!  And for those of us who don't have all that and have toddlers and babies not in school are just as crazy busy as always!  So I have a dinner solution for all!  It's yummy and healthy and fast!  It can make a little or a lot!  And it is one of those dinners that I have all the staples in my cupboards and freezer and you can change up how you like... it's my go to 15 minute fish fry dinner (or 20 minutes if you use regular rice like I do, but I realize that most people use instant rice nowadays.)

15 minute fish fry dinner-

fish (I use tilapia that is individually wrapped)
shake and bake (I like pork flavored the best)
olive oil
rice (instant or the 20 minute kind)
any flavor bouillon cubes
any kind frozen veggies (I LOVE steamfresh broccoli and how fast it cooks)

Start off by thawing out your fish, (you can already have it thawed and waiting in your fridge if you are thinking ahead.)  by putting it in your sink with packaging still on and letting cool water run over it.  I usually fill my sink up a bit and let the fish sit for a minute.  Fish is great because it thaws and cooks quickly. While the fish thaws start the rice, cook as the package directs you, but add a bouillon cube instead of salt.  I use about 1 cube per 1 cup rice. While the rice is sitting/cooking check your fish and when it is thawed take all the packaging off and with it still damp put it in the shake and bake bag and give it a good shake until each piece is completely covered.  (I usually put all my fish in at once so it's pretty evenly coated but if you are cooking a lot you might need to only do a couple at a time.)  In a pan (that has a lid) add some olive oil and heat to medium.  Put the fish in the pan, add the lid and let cook for about 3-4 minutes.  While the rice is still cooking and the fish is in the pan, you can now put your veggies in the microwave for the amount the package states.  Flip the fish and lid it again for another 3-4 minutes.  Then all at once, WA-La!  everything is done and is now ready to serve!  You just cooked an entire meal in no time at all,...  You're Welcome!

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