Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tada's Goal: Week 9

Tada's Goal:  The rules

1. Each week buy the items listed and store them.
2. Use a permanent marker to write the date purchased to aid in stock rotation.
3. Buy the largest quantity you can afford and store, don't go overboard and stay within your budget.
4. If you miss a week, skip it and go on.  Don't get behind.
5. Replace items as you use them
6. Share good deals with your friends and family.  Everyone loves discounts
7. Store properly

Week 9: Juice: packets, bottles, frozen, etc.  

We also drink a lot of Koolaid and the kids love Yoohoo so we stocked up on that too.  Realistically this supply will only last us about 2 weeks, but these are items I will buy a little of each week, so this way I am always at least one week ahead.

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