Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Autumn Chop Salad

Autumn Chop Salad

6-8 cups chopped romaine lettuce
2 medium pears chopped
1 c dried cranberries
1 c chopped pecans
8 slices bacon - cooked crisp & crumbled
4 to 6 oz of feta cheese
poppy seed salad dressing
balsamic vinaigrette

Toss lettuce, pears, cranberries, pecans, bacon, and cheese together.  Then add equal portions of poppy seed and vinaigrette (I used about 2 TBSP of each) enough to coat your salad.  Enjoy!!

I loved this simple salad recipe.  We made it one Saturday afternoon for lunch.  We ate the entire thing.  The kids liked it mostly.  I had to leave the salad dressing off for one of my kids and just use plain old ranch, but she liked it with all the extra stuff in it.  The pears really made this salad soooo good.
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