Monday, August 10, 2015

Yogurt Waffles

At my local Walmart, there is this cute checkout lady.  Every time I go through her line and I buy yogurt, she just raves about yogurt pancakes.  So one day I tried making them and they were absolutely delicious.  I thought that if the pancakes were good then adding butter and milk to make waffles must be a good idea too.   I was right!!!  These waffles are seriously the best!  Make them One time and you will be hooked!  They are the perfect crispy on the outside and the perfect softness on the inside.  Plus the tiny bit of yogurt you put in gives it a subtle sweetness (raspberry is my favorite so far).  

Yogurt Waffles

2 c. pancake/waffle mix (the kind that is just add water)
1 yogurt container
1/4 c. melted butter
1/2 c - 1 c milk

This is the brand I usually get, just good old Great Value.

Mix together the waffle mix and yogurt...

I will become a crumble....

Then add the melted butter...

And add the milk, a little at a time... stirring and adding until the right consistency for waffles....

If you can get a cute helper to whisk it all up...

Add the mixture to your waffle maker,  the amount will vary, depending on your waffle iron.

Cook according to your machine and how light or dark you like them...

Add butter and syrup as desired,  or just eat plain because they are that good!!
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