Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chalkboard style Canvas art


Valentines Day is just a month away!  It's such a cute little holiday to show everyone you love just how much you care about them. Plus I LOVE all the pops of red and pink I get to put up in my house for the occasion!

Today I am sharing with you a very easy project.  A chalkboard sign, that isn't chalk at all!!!

I went to my local craft store (Joann) and picked up a black canvas and some Sharpie Paint Pens(they were right near the canvas'.)  You will also need a pencil.

I thought of a saying that I wanted on my canvas,  this is a song I sing to my kids pretty much every night before they go to bed :) I thought It would be perfect!!    I looked online for some chalk board sign inspiration and mixed and matched styles until I came up with the perfect sign. (Write lightly so if you make a mistake you wont have to push so hard to erase.

Then with the Sharpie paint pens, take a practice paper and get the paint flowing before you write on your canvas.  It takes a minute and some pushing down of the tip to get the paint going.  Some flow faster than others so its always a good idea to test them before you permanently put it on your canvas!!

Then, let your imagination fly!!!  Use the colors how ever you like!  Be creative and make something you will LOVE in your home.

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