Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Make Your Own Mini Cookie Cutters (Tutorial)

I have this giant container of cookie cutters.  Normally I can find the cookie cutter shape and size I am looking for, but sometimes I just don't have the right size or shape.  I decided I could just make it myself, and it worked out great.  Here's my tutorial of how to make your own mini cookie cutters.

You start out by finding a can of soda, any kind will work.  We happen to have a case of diet coke for when my in laws come to visit so that's what I used. Take your can of soda,  open the tab at the top and dump the contents out. Then rinse out the can with some water.

Next, you punch a hole in the side near the top of the can using a knife or the end of your scissors then insert your scissors and cut the top off.

Your edges might look jagged, that's ok.  We will fix this problem in a minute.

The next thing you want to do is cut down the side of the can about 2 or 3 inches, this give you a little room to trim down the jagged edges.

Then turn your scissors and begin cutting a strip off the can.

You end up with a strip of aluminum like this.  Then you can take a minute and clean up your jagged edges and trim the strip down so you are left with a strip about 1 inch wide.

Next you can start shaping your strip of aluminum.  I usually draw what I want on a piece of paper then bend the aluminum so it matches the shape and size I have drawn out.  In this case I wanted a mini heart for a project I was working on (I will be posting it in the next couple of days).

Be careful when you are bending the aluminum, if you pinch it together to tightly while you are bending it, it could easily snap the piece in half (I did that the first 2 times I tried to make a cookie cutter). 

Continue bending and shaping till you have the desired shape you want. 

Cut off any extra length you may have, making sure to leave 1 side a little bit longer than the other so you can bend one side and it overlaps the other.  This is where you will put a little piece of tape to secure the cookie cutter.

One thing to note is that the edges are sharp.  If you have little kids that will be using the cookie cutter, I recommend putting a little piece of tape around the top edge so they don't cut their tiny fingers. 

And Tada!!!  You are done.

Now you can make the tiny shaped cookie cutters you need. 
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