Thursday, January 30, 2014

Floor Length (black out) curtains for $20

I am so not a fan of blinds, for the simple fact that I hate hate hate dusting/cleaning them!  So in my house I have curtains in every single room.  I like the look better, it makes it more cozy I think and when you open them it lets in the full sunshine of the day. Plus if they ever get dirty just throw them in the wash and  hang them back on their curtain rod to dry and there ya go, easy as pie!

When it came time to do Annalee's curtains I knew I wanted a girly, girl room (she will be my only girl after all so I had to go all out!).  The only problem is curtains COST A LOT!  Especially black out curtains!  And with an eastern facing room I was not about to have my baby waking up at the crack of dawn so I had to get a little creative, on a budget. I also wanted to add something a little special for over her crib and started looking around.  I found on pinterest a tutorial for ruffle curtains that were supposed to be super cheap so I looked into it and made them...  You can find the tutorial HERE>

Didn't it turn out so cute!!!  My little Annalee-lee sure thinks so.

After I did those curtains I knew for sure that I could make some sweet black out curtains to match.
And it all starts with some twin flat sheets from Wal-mart that cost $5 each.!!  (I've also looked around and Target and Kmart both have similarly priced sheets)
You will need: 2 flat twin sized sheets that are the color you want in the room
Second get 2 flat twin sized sheets that are black.
Some scraps of fabric for the ruffles.
And thread that matches, or contrasts....

----wash the sheets and dry them.  They will run their color a little bit so it's best to keep them separated by color and in the drying process they will shrink a bit, which you want.

When they are dry put one black sheet and one colored sheet together, with both good sides facing out.  and start sewing.... and sewing...all the way around so it is one big sheet.  And repeat with the other black and colored sheets.

So that you can hang them on the curtain rods: you get the top part of the sheet that you usually put at the top of your bed and fold it down at the seam. (It's usually about 3-4 inches)  and just sew straight across so there is a long pocket to slip over the rod.

 For the decorative touches I got some extra fabric from the curtains over the crib and made ruffles.  To do so you cut a long piece of fabric (about a length and a half of what you want it to be)  and sew.  DO NOT back stitch!!!  Because when you have sewn straight through you can grab one piece of string and start pulling while pushing the fabric down the other way.  It will start to bunch,  continue to pull and push until it is the right ruffleness and sew right onto the curtains..  I did one on top, over the exact line I sewed for the curtain rods....

And did a bunch at the bottom to make it more feminine.  And I didn't trim them up a whole lot because I wanted the shabby sheek look!

Now all that's left to do is hang and enjoy!

They are the best curtains!  they block out enough sunlight that the baby will sleep in past 7am and take a nap at 2 in the afternoon!  
Now get sewing!  You know you want to!!
Because you seriously can not beat $20 curtains!

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