Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tada's Goal: Week 18

Tada's Goal: The rules

1. Each week buy the items listed and store them.
2. Use a permanent marker to write the date purchased to aid in stock rotation.
3. Buy the largest quantity you can afford and store, don't go overboard and stay within your budget.
4. If you miss a week, skip it and go on. Don't get behind.
5. Replace items as you use them
6. Share good deals with your friends and family. Everyone loves discounts
7. Store properly

Week 18: Garden/Seeds

It's that time of year (at least here is Utah) to get your gardens planted if you haven't already.  If your not sure about what zone you are in and what time of year you can plant your garden check out .  My garden is really starting to grow and I am so excited about all the good fruit and veggies we are going to have later this summer.

It's also a good time of  year to stock up on seeds.  Seeds stay good for 2-5 years depending on what type they are.  Store them in a cool/dry place such as a tightly sealed jar in the fridge or freezer, humidity will kill your seeds. 

It might seem odd that seeds and gardening are a part of food storage, because  you can just go to the grocery store and get fresh fruit and vegetables anytime, but think about how many of our produce comes from over seas.  What happens if export/import is no longer an option for us.  Just this morning while getting a banana for my little boy I noticed the sticker on the banana, it said product Guatemala.  Just something to think about and be prepared for.
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