Friday, April 13, 2012

Egg Roll Pies

A few months ago (when my boys still actually took morning naps) I would watch Rachael Rays talk show while I got ready for the day.  One day they had a recipe for cheeseburger egg rolls and I though 'Oh man!  These are going to be soooo good!'  and oh man they were so disgusting, sorry RR but it was not up to the normal standards.  If I can recall that night correctly I'm pretty sure I ate one, felt sick and layed on the couch for an hour.  When ever I try a new recipe, which is quite often the rule is that you have to try it, when we're done we say if it's a keeper or not so much.  I thought maybe I had caught a stomach bug and that's why they didn't taste good to me.  But when I asked my husband if he liked them he said something to the effect of, 'Umm pretty sure we should never make those again.'  So Long story long,  I was stuck with like 20 won ton wrappers and didn't really want to go back to the store to get stuff to make real egg rolls or ragunes so because I have the most giant sweet tooth in the world I came up with this yummy little recipe!  ENJOY!

Egg Roll Pies

ingredients: won ton (or egg roll) wrappers
                    canned pie filling any flavor (or homemade if you're awesome,.,,and if so could you teach me?!?)
                    cream cheese (opt)
                    cinnamon-sugar (opt)
                    whipped cream (opt)
                    vegetable oil for deep fryer or enough to cover the bottom of a pan)
                    cup of water to seal the wrappers

I started out by heating the oil in my fryer (which only has one setting so you might have to play around with your settings and temps).  while that was heating I prepped all of my egg roll ingredients, opened canned fillings and  got all of the little add ons ready.  Get a cookie sheet lined with paper towels and put a cookie cooling tray [forgive me if that is not the correct term but I have a serious case of the forget-everythings going on tonight] on top.(pictured below)....

When the oil is hot enough start the wrapping process. I don't have pictures but I will try and explain the wrapping the best I can.  Place one wrapper in front of you in a diamond shape, in the center add a spoonful of pie filling (we did apple in one and cherry in another) , put on any add ons (for the cherry I left it plain, for the apple I added a few teaspoons of cream cheese)  start by folding down the top corner,  fold in the right and left corners, with your fingers dip into the water and wet the bottom corner a little bit so when you roll that up and around the rest it holds and creates a nice little 'egg roll pie'.  place in deep fryer trying not to splatter everything around you.  keep an eye on it, turn it every once in a while so it will cook evenly, and when it starts to turn brown (about the time it took me to make another roll)  take it out and put on tray to drip off some of the oil.  For the cherry I let cool most of the way and served with whipped cream on top and for the apple (which was the big hit of the night)  I let cool for only about a minute, just until I can kind of grab it with my bare hands, and rolled it in the cinnamon-sugar.  Serve alone or with some yummy ice cream!  There are seriously so many possibilities and ways you can do this. Have Fun!  And here is a little assignment for our followers,  Try it... and then tell us what flavors and add ons you enjoy!
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