Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade jerky

Teriyaki marinade
1 part Worcestershire sauce
1 part soy sauce
sprinkle with lemon pepper
Cut meat into strips, (very good with venison and beef) keep in mind the meat shrinks and the bigger the piece the longer it takes to cook.
Put in marinade over night.
Either put in a dehydrator or oven.
If in the dehydrator check and flip every 3 hours. it's done when no longer meaty in the middle. (some pieces get done faster than others.)
If in the oven, set temperature to 150* put on baking sheet. cook with door cracked a little. (putting a wooden spoon in the way to keep cracked is usually the right amount of openness) cook 1 hour and flip. cook 2 more hours and check. if not done cook and check on every 30 mins till done.
I love love love homemade jerky! This is my moms recipe and it is to die for!! I'm getting in the mood for deer hunt next month and the best way is to make jerky from the meat from last year:) enjoy!
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